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Gabriela  Ruilova

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I named it Space adaptation, because our physical environment is and will be the consequence of our behavior. In this moment is necessary changing the energetic resources, and with them, the Architecture must be change as well. Therefore, Interior Spaces and the human demeanour will increasingly be more in touch with its natural state. And Architecture must be respond to that point. Hence, it will be and open architecture which makes us feel more part of the nature.

The Collage wants to represent the adaptation to the new age where is possible that many realities may be virtual by the use of new technology. But we are in a transition to clean the word and technology must respond to a paradigm shift in the use of energy resources and how we will project the new places in the future. Specifically Work, Learning and Retail Environments will remain economic and important spaces as long as they open its walls beyond the interior architecture. Giant and fashion trees are represented how focus economics and merchandising, but with roots in the ground. The new space designs not only have to be clean or sustainable spaces but we have to understand the new architecture of action, not representation or maintenance. One that handles to give us more oxygen, more nutrients, less plastic and it gives us harmony in the city, which, if not change, will be destroyed. On the other hand the sky shows us the duality in this period of adaptation. Changeable weather, electrical lighting and even economic authorities will be in contrast to the new paradigm change of human.

I think is possible clean the world with new technologies and designs. The Space is the context, and context put us our behavior rules. Ergonomically architecture, furniture, merchandising, Space policy, meeting places, etc. will be the vehicle by which we relate and we meet to nature again. Thus, architecture is not only an artificial environment in which we live and that protects us, but will be part of the natural development of evolution and adaptation.

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