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6IEAP - 1100
ETSAM, Technical University of Madrid / es Spain
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Samuel Rubio Sánchez

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Matadero Madrid, cultural hub of the city of MadrId; where young artists from all disciplines meet to share experiences and learn from each other.
After a detailed analysis both at the typological level and at the urban level of the area, it has been decided that the free lot located in the Legazpi area is an appropriate place to create a new cultural creation zone in the form of Interpretive Innovation Center. To define this project we have to keep in mind that the place will be a combination between film and interpretation school and interpretation spaces; that will move away from the theaters and spaces of more conventional interpretation.
The project will revolve around three very differentiated spaces, they have been named as follows: Black Box, which will have a multipurpose room and a virtual representation room; Flying Theater, which will feature an air scenario where you can perform small plays or music concerts; and finally Nature Performance, the space that is most linked to teaching and interpretation school, where students can practice in both indoor and outdoor settings and spaces.
These three large spaces, are projected in the form of volumes that are distributed throughout the plot, and that in the future its realization will be worked with its most immediate context.

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