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6IEAP - 1045
Universidad de Buenos Aires / ar Argentina
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carolina rovito

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Architecture is Culture

The intention of the Cultural Polo is to create, harbor and protect CULTURE and in the same purposeful plane, bring it to SOCIETY, make a presentation of it and spread it, giving to the space, the necessary conditions so the society as a set can live it and consume it, verifying the Polo´s reciprocal character.

From the first projectual approaches, the Culture is understood as a dynamic, fluid and complex concept but with a solid and structural program that makes the center work in an efficient way. With this in mind, the proposal intends to intensify the idea of culture as a “continuous change” the same way San Justo is making his own changes.

C.R.E.A.T.E rises as an architectonical piece that respects and maintains the elevation scale of its environment. But you can find it from its shape, it becomes San Justo´s protagonist. The plasticity of the curve breaks the orthogonal and rigid urban plot. In this way, the building expands in all senses, it reaches sidewalks and streets and starts a dialogue with the citizen. It brings gaps in to the building, green shiny places with no edges just nice and continuous, waiting for the user to appropriate the place. This is part of making culture itself.

The Curve

Curve is the way we create, not only from the outside but also from the inside, curves connect programs and creates connection between places. The difference between a straight line and a curve is that in this last one, you have millions of way of reaching from one point to the other. The building can be walked in millions of ways, it has no directions and erases limits. From the materiality it is sometimes transparent, sometimes it opens, sometimes dark and sometimes it closes. It´s porous, the green places oxygenates, illuminates and invite you to stay.

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