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6IEAP - 1018
Faculty of fine Arts- Alexandria university / eg Egypt
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salma talaat

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El -Alamein School of architecture is a project located in El- Alamein New city, Egypt.

Project's Approach:
Architectural psychology can be described as a branch of Environmental psychology. This deals with the psychological processes of the interaction between man and his environment.
When an occupant experiences a building, they immediately become involved in an array of overlapping processes that all contribute to their experience. Architectural
psychology focuses on such connections and can be applied to all building types.

Architectural psychology reveals how we can design buildings better for occupants. By understanding more about how occupants experience built form, the project takes a more occupant centered approach.

Main Concept:
The first thing came to mind when starting this project was asking myself this question "How to inspire students?"
one of the major problems facing an Architecture student is The Inspirational process. The project's main concept is to focus on the psychological impact of the building on the students & to help students get inspired and to help raise their level of Aspiration. The building has ONE and main interactive space for the students to meet and learn from each other. Structural components are left exposed to the students to see & understand the relationship between structure and space. The building itself functions as a study tool for students.

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