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6IEAP - 1015
F.A.D.U / uy Uruguay
1 miembros
Juan Pablo Lopez Isabella

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Located in the department of Cerro Largo (Uruguay), on the banks of the river Yaguarón stands out the presence of a building lost in the middle of the most forgotten
campaign, which once officiated as a crossroads of the first cattle exports to the salting places located in the Brazilian territory.
The historical and cultural value of the old customs is complemented by the characteristics and scenic attractions offered by its privileged implantation. This set of highlights reinforces a local position of interest for inherited heritage. Consequently, the Native Center is articulated based on the natural and constructed reality, proposing a program related to culture and composing a new layer in the landscape.
The intervention, whose nucleus resides in the historical ruins, offers an approach between the visitor and the autochthonous nature present in the place and a
research platform for biologists.

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