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Espacios Públicos

N T E R V E N T I O N F O R T H E C I T Y I N T E J O E S T U A R Y , L I S B O N

The project is about intervening in an area with a hugh deal of potential since it is actually almost abandoned.

It is located in an area of Tejo estuary, Lisbon, Portugal, which could serve as a center of attention for the city due to it’s unbeatable situation.

Thanks to the Lisbon cartography the performance area can be seen from the high points of the hills (often with lookouts to see the river) and also from the opposite shore.

The intervention contemplates two scales: the far scale trough a vertical element (tower) which acts as a visual focus, and the near scale (the horizontal element, which extends throughout the plot).
While approaching the building an ongoing connection appears with the water, through the visual lines crossingthat pass through the horizontal element. This invites the observer to enter so as to reach a closer contact with the water.

Each of this elements has its own characteristics:

The h o r i z o n t a l e l e m e n t , us the heavier one, but also keeps this permeability by combining opacity, translucent and transparent elements, it is divided in strips or zones, that are connected to each other but they keep their own language.
The strips hae different uses:
• The one near the street is the e x p o s i t i o n one and, might be seen from outside the building
• The intermediate one is the s t o r a g e strip, because of the proximity with the exposition zone and the production area.
• The next oneis the p r o d u c t i o n strip, where craft workshops and different public events take place
• The strip closer to the water is a l e a r n i n g strip where any kind of education activities useful for the city, might be organized

The v e r t i c a l e l e m e n t : the tower, includes an exposition part at the lower levels taking advantage of the huge heights and allowing large scale interventions; a co-working area, offices area and finally a library in higher floors.

The tower material is remarkable for its permeability, playing with glass reflecting and slats filtering the sun.

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