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5SFI - 1085
FAUNLP facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo nacional de la plata / ar Argentina
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Esteban Jose Perez

Tipo de proyecto:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Just a young of last year architecture student... year 2013 I had to left studies because not have work... now I am "technologies (make technical work on own inventions) creator" since 2013 I am inventor of super-statics crossed stereo-structures for me invented and descripted on a book same year 2013 "I am scientist redactor" since I had 16 know how be civilian (city structures) engineer that I studied by miself while transcourse happens sucess the tertiary high schol "construction technical" honestly maybe since ever was the best designer on faculty but they seems discriminate me even desconsiderate me "really had and maybe have really hard and sad life... honestly bad costume but happens know I am bad costumed to badtreat... also honestly any architect that I meet and could say I know any without exception are worst than me even professors... that its main reason because get to not care if they not give my real value on notes... maybe since I was ever the better student like engineer and of plastic expresions "I am nature artist wish of me earn an pritzker price (not for money even for honor of grant me more better than any of my masters... since books I think that I had master like le corbusier mies van der rohe bakema richard neutra rem kollhass and tadao ando) maybe more than ten pritzker (even since I had 25 years old) I bet that I could win... I am not like other guy. Really want job north hemisphere I have a lot of beatiful good designs.

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