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5SFI - 1065
high school of architecture and urbanism of kinshsa / cd Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
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Mugisho Ombeni

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Architecture is a wise, correct and magnificent game of volumes assembled under the light; said Le Corbusier
Space deserves to be mastered by any architect, because it is the starting point of a successful design; to this must be added volumeS and light.
However, in the midst of the digital era, a new dimension is emerging in the design of space, including technological developments that have a significant influence on the way spaces are designed. Spaces are between becoming very precious, following the different devices that humanity faces to know the increase of the population, and the technological evolution. This is how spaces in which people must feel comfortableneed to be developed
The designated office is an office of the establishment CHEZ Christian, a company opening in the sale of building materials; located in the city of Kinshasa IN democratic republic of congo .
Formerly the offices were places only to finish a job; but nevertheless it must be understood as living environments where workers must find all the necessary conditions, a place without barriers between workers and staffs ; Where they are highlighted, because there is no barrier between the different personnel ; a place of rest and recreation to maximize performance.
Thus we find a large work area next to which there are different corners to receive customers and work corners resting for some workers where they can work when they feel tired of sitting. There are also recreational areas to allow workers to relax in order to maximize their yields .There is other two main corners ,one is chief office and the receptionist corner to welcome visitors .
The educational space on which we have reflected on interior spaces is a class of architecture course of the high Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Kinshasa. It has been transformed into three parts either a learning corner of different courses that can be done online as well as a work corner and anotherstanding for others wanting to work in this position.
In the common learning areas there are spaces for common workshops in relation to specific subjects. So there are relaxing spaces where they can also relax. It is the same concept of putting together different types of students in barrier-free places. Technology will have a big role because students can learn different subjects via online platforms. The concept is to create a framework in which there is no barrier between students where they can learn different subjects and after subjects, that there are discussions between the latter. It is therefore a question of integrating the concept of online courses and video conferences, because it is an important concept in modern education.

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