IE Spaces for Innovation Prize

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5SFI - 1021
Hogeschool van Rotterdam. Willem de Kooning Academie. / nl Netherlands
1 miembros
Linda Rekelhof

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Times change
As times are changing, so are people and their way of life. Office hours will hardly exist, people will choose their own times to work and connect with their surroundings. Innovation and idea creation emanates from creativity and immediate thoughts regarding our way of living. The ever inspiring city is a great source for inspiration and spontaneous dwellings.

Office as a parasite
Public space will no longer be just a way to get through the city, but will offer citizens a space to participate in creative dwellings and organisations. In cramped cities, the office of the future is a parasite. Pop up spaces will serve as multidisciplinary spaces where people from different backgrounds will meet. The collaboration between different organisations and people with different degrees forms a much more interesting and broader vision on daily life and the future. Work, retail and educational spaces will be linked with each other and come in different forms and sizes.

City vs. the brain
The freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it triggers the human brain to think out of the box and choose its own patterns. These patterns can be translated into a cities structure with intersecting opportunity places.

Architecture of the future
Technology which is gaining importance in our daily lives reminded us of the beauty of our natural living environment. Architecture therefore plays a leading role in gaining consciousness about our environment. By using natural phenomena like daylight, temperature, humidity and shapes we trigger our senses to stay focused.

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