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Sulfitera Naivis

Narrative architecture and Naïve art come together on a culturological topos and create a hybrid in the form of my master’s diploma project for a Psychiatric asylum. The project is generated through the mixing of writings (écriture). There is the simultaneous presence of epochs and styles, which give rise to completely experimental spaces. On the other hand, it is architectural rewriting of Michel Foucault's interpretation of renaissance narrative about “Ship of Fools". How important was the aspect of narrative as sense through which to reveal the project to an exterior audience? The comic book came from the model and the material for the presentation. The project had to be read as path, since the deambulation into that maze was a key for it. During my study period, Michel Foucault’s texts opened a new view of the "other spaces", which was the subject of another project for elders’ home. The theme of heterotopias (other spaces) carried on to psychiatric hospital, in which one interest is possibility of improving institutions by means of architecture (which is less convincing) and the other - a cultural reflection on heterotopias and Follies. The key element of my project - the ship is the representation of interest towards the heterotopia. Main concept of the project is the juxtaposition of place and places. The Madhouse is not a single place, but an array of places, simultaneous multiplicity of places – the main folded building with its multitude of spaces, the floating ship on Lake Paliastomi, and the “vacation” towers for the mad. The project site is located near city of Poti (Georgia), at the banks of the Palastomi Lake on the peninsula, connected with the rivers to the Black Sea. The Sea, in its essence, is substantial for realization of the project’s scenario, as are the other "ingredients" for the recipe of the asylum: one Forest Grove; a lake; academic buildings (synthesized with the playful mannered spaces); naive cottages - the resort; the ship (for moving through space) and the road that transforms a fool into a traveler, giving him the vast spaces to stay adrift and ultimately be free.

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