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4SFI - 1057
Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture / ua Ukraine
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Margarita Motylevska

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I want to show my things about the future in this work. I have analgised the past and nowadays and I have predicted something. I live in Ukraine, some facts and investigations might use in the part of world at the moment. But don’t be in my native country. Fortunately or unfortunately, technologies are significant part of our life. We use them at home, at education and at work. They progress fast and They are the reason why some science start improving with them.
The methods and tools of education are outdated in my country. I predict that in future it will be laser room. If see project in perspective, it will be more comfortable then see in 2d (I mean same to PC). It is like model in our reality. However, education won't be all online. Because, it is important the relationships between teacher and student. Lections should be online – and practice should be eye to eye.
Workplace as in office centre will exist. It is tendency to work outside the office or at home. In nearest future the place will be transforming. The tendency will be to consist more functions in one place.
In 20 years might be exist building same to shops. People will go to their gasses, go online and buy all products they want.
I presented a theme of growing population and raising cities. There for the growing that’s why people thinking about how to use expanse. Urbanism is thought about how cities will grow: “In which way?” In my opinion, cities will grow up and down and architects may create city under water.
Space tourism began to be popular and accessible to many people. Eventually, it might be a new typology of cosmic buildings. It is right that today Science and space engineers have created rackets, space station etc. But Architects this is who create comfortable space for people. To my mind architects with science and cosmic engineers will invited a new space hotel, space house, rockets, …

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