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Mahmoud Turk

Through Urban Space Sculpted By Neurology A School & Vocational Rehabilitation Center For Street Children ( A Proposal For the Development Of Areas Of Educational Achievement & Cognition in The Child’s Brain & Also Areas Of Balance Of Personality & Judgement) 1.1.1 Introduction: The phenomenon of street children has been amplified in a way that affects the country. It is almost rare to find a project that guarantees the child of the streets to transform the corrupting destructive energy into productive energy that benefits the country and produces production that serves the interests of the country by teaching him vocational and academic education. On the other hand, we find that the architectural projects in the present time mostly for the purpose of subsidizing the user to benefit from the use of the building works inside the building is no more .. So say those who design and make the building influenced by a change in behavior and direct its users to change the intellectual and behavioral fit by the user of the building .. 1.1.2 Project definition: Is a vocational rehabilitation center for street children specialized in the education, rehabilitation of children from the age of 12 years to the age of 18 (the age allowed in accordance with the Egyptian Labor Law in Egypt) To take advantage of the huge numbers displaced on the streets and made them the nucleus of artisanal production of the country, And then convert them psychologically, physiologically and intellectually to balanced people. Such research is adding to the architectural knowledge base an understanding of how daylight, acoustics, air quality, and views of nature deeply affect the cognitive processes of children. DESIGN CRITERIA FOR SCHOOLS Places with a variety of different shapes, color, light, size, and so on, be provided. Interior color and textures should be rich and stimulating. Places for group learning—alcoves, breakout spaces—should be made available. shouldbe provided. Interior color and textures should be rich and stimulating. Places for group learning—alcoves, breakout spaces—should be made available. Places should be perceived to be safe as well as actually safe. Places should foster self-identification and personalization, including opportunities to express territorial behaviors. The school should be an active participant in community affairs. We explore how such principles can guide hypothesis formulation. The architectural form, aesthetics, symbolism, and layout of school buildings has been infl uenced by the evolution of educational philosophy and goals, curricular objectives, instructional methods, and the cultural background and value systems of the schools’ governing boards. Along with innovations in educational delivery suggested by the progressive movement, lead principally by John Dewey, school architecture soon responded with more child-scaled, flexible, and open environmental settings.

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