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October High Institute For Enginnering and Technology / eg Egypt
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mohamed alaa

Over decades, spaces have been changed and evolved but what really makes us predict How it will be in the future ?. This question can be answered based on the technology of the devices , technology of construction , the functionality of the space and finally the concept behind every functional space especially work,learn and retail spaces. For that reason, my proposal consists of four parts. First, the technology of the structure system and how it will be in the future because every day we hear about new materials are being discovered and invented. So, it is predictable that Nano-materials will allow more space and less structure. Therefore, in my proposal I imagine a vertical city with one core and 4 column bears and huge roof with a lot of slabs that would be added , assembled and hanged out at the roof. Also, it was designed to achieve the principles of sustainable future vertical city . Secondly, the technology devices that will make work easier. Besides, the use of the Internet of Things will play an important and big role in the future workplace. Thirdly, enhancement of collaboration in the work spaces will facilitate activities that optimize teamwork which will improve the productivity so the work spaces will contain interesting and green spaces more before and the workstation will be useless .Fourthly, go green will be a must due to the rise of carbon emissions and the environmental issues so that to breath healthy Air which will make workers to be more productive at learning & at the workplace. As a conclusion, it seems that this is the characteristic of the future spaces or maybe this will be "The Era of integrated compact spaces".

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