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Effat University / sa Saudi Arabia
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Luluwah Al-Boqami

Tipo de proyecto:

The proposal consists of three different academic projects that I've developed in senior year at university.
1) _ Cultural complex of Jeddah (Design studio 7).

Figure 1 Cultural Complex of Jeddah
Aim of the project:
Create a place for all people of Saudi Arabia to make them better, well educated.
A place where they can communicate, contribute and share their suggestions and opinions.
Program of the project:
The cultural complex of Jeddah has three main components which they are
1) – School of Art and design: which contain Traditional Art museum, Exhibitions and art classrooms.
2) _ Center of dialogue which has an auditorium and conference halls
3) _ Public Library.
Saudi Arabia has been known for its desert culture therefore we see that it reflect in the personality of its inhabitants for they have developed edgy and sharp personalities that stand solid and from that I have developed the shape of my building to represent the culture and character of its people.

2) _ Taif Regional Airport. (Design Studio 8).

Discerption of the city: is a city in Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia at an elevation of 1,879 m (6,165 ft.) on the slopes of Sarawat Mountains. It has a population of 1,200,000 people and is the unofficial summer capital. The city is the center of an agricultural area known for its grapes, pomegranate, figs, roses and honey.
The Aim of the project: To create a sufficient airport and gate way for the city and to a significant land mark to the city as well

Taking the inspiration from the Taif mountains (alhada and alshafa ) and merge them in sharp , tough and contradictory way.

3)_ Tabuk weaving Stadium (Capstone Project )

Location of the site:
The site is located in Tabuk City, Saudi Arabia.
Tabuk is going under many architectural developments as it is a great tourism attraction.
Urban Development of Tabuk is planning for new future architectural projects especially near by the chosen site.

Concept and Inspiration:
Weaving technique is a traditional cultural expression of Saudi Arabia. I got inspired by artistic weaving craft of Saudi Arabia to create a weaving structure which as a space frame for the stadium
The Approach of the project is visual and functional. The weave stadium aims to achieve a dynamic landmark perspective by creating an iconic design in a form.
Why traditional weaving? Considered as part of cultural, social identity, and creativity of the country, what we inherited from our past generations, what we should preserve and what we should pass on to our future generations.

The process of making a woven basket creates a small enclosure for the basket and it's done by using the weaving technique at the same time its work as structure that holds the basket. So the idea of weaving structure could be implemented in designing stadium as the stadium defined as an enclosure structural building.

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