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3SFI - 1051
Universidad Nacional del Litoral / ar Argentina
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Lionela Riccobelli

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In this time of constant change, anticipating tomorrow’s needs is of incredible value. In this context, innovation has a key role. If we want to succeed as a community, we need to enhance the value of “open innovation”.
At the heart of this vision, innovation districts show up as a nascent planning paradigm that can be expected to grow as we are able to develop strategies that help us to understand the next generation of urban dwellers. Individuals whose ways of working, shopping, and learning are changing.
To achieve that goal, we need to rethink our existing sites, and revitalise them into places for working, studying, entertainment and living.
Hubs that foster innovation across individuals by concentrating people with different knowledge but same expectations: the possibility to live in an equitable and sustainable community that reinforces the area´s role expanding it as an innovation-driven employment center.
Important companies like Google or Facebook invest a lot of money in campuses equipped with multiple functions and facilities with the only aim to make their employees happy. To retain the most talented workers by offering them more than a good salary. If we see this isolated islands as a challenge, we can turn them into an opportunity. Moreover, we can expand this idea and go further, if we project this interaction in a larger scale. We can achieve a truly “city of makers”. A vibrant community, where a mix of residential, academic, companies, entrepreneurs, workers from disparate sectors can interact and exchange ideas in a 24/7 bases. If there is one thing that all authors agree, is that in order to achieve innovation, we must increase and foster the daily interaction between persons. By enhancing their occasional meeting points, we can guarantee their proximity. And with that, the chance of introducing a new discovery. Nowadays, innovation is taking place where people come together. Learning is not just individual, is social. We can reach greater goals, if we start thinking and working together, as a group.
In consequence, to establish the guide line for planning the innovation districts of the future, the first step is start mixing the key ingredients. To identify the most relevant aspects that will ensure the succeed of the community. In a world where the only constant is change, we should take into account that the process will be long, and some of the ingredients may change. But it is not prohibitive to drop it and try something new. After all, that is what innovation is about. Having the courage to try something new and change it if it is not working.

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