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Palace of Congestion

The concept idea of the represented theme as how will be the future couple of decades of work retail and learning environments brought up the reminiscence of the article of
Rem Koolhaa's “Life in the Metropolis’ or ‘The Culture of Congestion”.
The proposed plan as a collage of functions that describes on the synthetic platforms an episode of Metropolitan ritual. Each of the rectangles of the edifice is such a scenario with a differentiated suggestive — if abstract— plots.

That completed the utopian aspirations of architecture created in advance for the future decade between the rational sense “as a manifest will to power whose desire for a collective freedom had been converted into the totalizing formula of a steel and glass cage, “towards the innovational way through the history of high rises. Will do well for the future everyday lives.

The futuristic concerns and its maintenance of what should still be seen as functionalist and programmatic wills, is characterized by the vast space consumption, congestion and all manner of worldliness created the “techno-psychic” environment. As once were built skyscrapers to economise the land at the expense of high rise, vertical planning, and multi storied spaces in a few decades won't be enough for enlarged scales. Some measures need to be taken altogether. The edifice with the free void of Veil is represented something that is for need intersection of the sky (clouds , sky dwellers, birds etc.) and edifice that can be described as the /interface/ between /nature/ and / techno/ or also as the transition zone where natural and technical uses mix and often clash. Alternatively, it can be viewed as an independent land (sky) scape type in its own right, one forged from an interaction of a nature and mechanical man made uses. Skyrise located in urban jungle and its residents squeeze into an even smaller area: much of the territory is so mountainous it is impossible to build on. As it is known the birds have so called sky lands where they can fly or even feel home. With limited space to grow outwards, Metropolis has been expanding upwards for decades, and now has more skyscrapers than New York or Hong Kong in the very midst of 2020s above all there cannot be the areas for birds any more as the skyscrapers are high enough to dwell the sky as there is No place for claustrophobics! There will be opened spaces even one feel on the land not inside the building. It is one of the rare 21st century buildings that is truly revolutionary: it offers a full inventory of the fundamental modifications—technical and psychological—that are caused by life in the Metropolis, and that separate this century from all previous ones. Its existence allows a spectrum of experiences on a single place that was previously unthinkable. It is the edifice of edifies in a word a place that includes other buildings with its infrastructures. Thus the whole metropolis is included at the Skyrise of congestion.

The promise of the 200-story Building—that of a skyscraper fully conquered by higher forms. All the latent potential of the skyscraper as a type is exploited in a masterpiece of the Culture of Congestion, a Constructivist Social Condenser materialized in the Palace of Congestion.

Veil *_ is the form of nano-technological free void that can be folded. It is habitable and can endure all kinds of shape changes.

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