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3APP - 1127
Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera / es Spain
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Carlos Balanzá

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Perform project is proposed as a health center in the city of Brussels, on a large green space, with a height of 6 meters inhomogeneous, and in a place where different edificatorios uses coexist.

For this and because of the large number of edificatorios meters and uses, the disintegration of the program in 3 blocks arises for spaces of more specific uses, the first block houses the health center development activity develops the patient, second block houses all physical rehabilitation and gym, and finally the third block (as extra contribution as required by the program PFC) pose a cafeteria and where patient and physician library can realacionarse in space and produce an interaction positive, plus the latter space arises in the most public of the plot allowing contribute to the city in the development of activities that promote coexistence and the use of public space, ultimately three spaces that are part of oneself part, independent element where the vertical and the horizontal element allows continuity.

On the other hand projecting the public space, where using the slope different types of applications arise for the lower bound on an axis north-south circulation which would give continuity to the layout of the city and be part of it, be able to get a space common circulation and allowing the center to be traveled, and for the intermediate level where the health center is located, developing an area of more public giving access to the health center, and on the other hand, a more private area next to the edificacion where developing existing private activities linked to the center.

Regarding the constructive development, the idea is its relation to space development, and its external materiality, for it pose as a building brick and execution the bearing wall, which allows displayed by lights 3, 6 and 9 meters nest spaces and get a friendly atmosphere, for which the structural element is formed by two sheets of brick constructed by English rig, an interior space between bricks where the air chamber appears, the water-repellent plaster and insulation, both leaves brick rigidified in the vertical plane by itself every 1.5m latch brick in the horizontal plane by horizontal joint armatures which improve their performance and improves compression work flexocompresion.

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