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Escuela Superior de Arquitectura y Geodesia de Alcalá de Henares / es Spain
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Nieves Andrea Calvo López

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"Atmospheres of the sin" comes from an intense phenomenological and urban analysis of the context of Bordeaux city, where we add a field of personal experimentation regarding the French culture of seduction and transgression. This context provides many references of the notion of "TheTemple", a concept where we can dive into a new semantic and formal game, therefore creating a new hybrid identity.

Based on these insights, a new path is opened for development of all these cultural layers by identifying a careless space built from a few Second World War submarine hangars, with a large-scale. The submarine base of Bordeaux is in the harbour of Bassin à Flot; which rehabilitation, like one more piece inside the city, is the end of an urban regeneration, which concerns the river Garonne and that has turned Bordeaux into a "Urban laboratory ".
It is precisely this large-scale space the one that assembles a very "French sensibility" for large projects. We play with it deliberately, to introduce later a small experiences program with spectacles from nomadic urban interventions. These interventions are moved using barges. "Barges of the sin" are lodged in the hangars in winter, and also provide them scenic content. Thus, the project is constructed in three scales, with the rehabilitation of the Submarine Base as a hinge of the project.

Using these three strategies, a piece with a historical relevant content for the city is recovered; a rejected building for many inhabitants and which demolition has been under consideration. For its intervention, it was necessary to create the planimetries of the ruin because there were no previous plans. A constructive hypothesis allowed us to generate rehabilitation criteria that emphasize the building's value, with an ephemeral intervention whose disappearance would not suppose any ruin damage.

The project brings to light, not only the material heritage of our cities, but also the intangible. Throughout these three "Atmospheres of the sin”, built from a personal sight concerning the hedonism and its relation with the body, a new project is created, a project that can be everything or nothing: By everything I mean that it is capable of generating the most important city events in the shores of the Garonne and, later on, in the submarine base and finally disappears in hours without leaving traces of its intervention. However, it is also nothing because both, its construction and structure are ephemeral, mobile and work in most occasions as scenographic elements than traditional architectural pieces.
The presented atmospheres try to capture the immaterial thing by using networks, fabrics, plastic, textures, nebulas... looking for a proposal that contemplates the need of an interdisciplinary architecture, that questions the concepts of permanence, resilience and dynamism, in a changeable architectural present with the need of being questioned.

"Atmospheres of the sin" suggests movable urban strategies creating changeable spaces and temporary appropriations, recovering a ruin whose rehabilitation is key inside a neighborhood that is constantly conforming. In addition, it stresses the need to generate spaces of fantasy, evasion, emotion, seduction... Definitively, a space of perception. It is vital the architects' paper for making this concept possible, professionals inspired by different disciplines providing new ways of confronting the profession.

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