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Eric Boza Aros

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Cultural Y Espectáculos


Art container spaces such as museums and galleries are places in the city with either a heritage and/or cultural purpose, where a variety of facilities functions. These spaces are visited by only 21% of the population in Chile (Ministry of Culture 2015). Why is their audience so few? The hypothesis is that there is actually limited access to the above (economical, social and cultural factors), and also that the spaces would be of little attraction for certain audiences.

Since a gallery can work for various types of artwork, they usually tend to offer generic and/or conventional solutions; or else, in its attempt to innovate, architecture may become the artwork itself. Then, the proposal is a support space for art, where the work is conceptually or literally sustained. Such support is thought to be versatile and also capable of mutating in order to meet different kind of needs.

If artworks are constantly provoking sensations, architecture can consolidate a corporeal perception attached to the concept or idea from an artist, making a symbiosis with the work and thus the architectural space becomes part of the work itself, producing a state of alertness, concentration and total submersion in the foregoing. This state of alert belongs to a sense of vertigo.

A remote collaboration with artist Mona Hatoum and her work called "Suspended", where the latter is reinterpreted and creates an architectural installation with a mutable module. Thus a conceptual support of that work actually occurs, as it generates a unique containing space that causes dizziness and vertigo on viewers.


This art installation is understood as a village of tensioned chairs or a swing space, exerting force of gravity up and down, offering the experience of being suspended as emphasized in the plans drawn from different locations at floor level, in reference to immigrants in a foreign country. The mysterious experience that occurs reflects the situation experienced by immigrants: to be bound by a chain to a country, but at the same time stressed; tackles another and create this constant suspension of not belonging anywhere.


The design statement is based on the concepts of migration, tension and suspension. Given the above, it is proposed that architecture intensifies the formal operations in play and creates a symbiosis with the artwork. As one of the concepts -migration-, the main square becomes a
relevant place to the project as a symbolic point of the city where several situations arise. A place that is recognized and important for citizens and tourists, while being tough with immigrants. There is a cultural diversity here given a concentration of individuals from various nationalities. You use such a phenomenon to trying attract and face different each other users that, despite sharing the same public space, embody different social realities and/or cultural backgrounds, providing democratic access to all of whom are potential audiences, in a highly crowded place, and with economic, social and cultural diversity.

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