Central Park Summer Pavilion

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360 - CPSP1387

CPSP - 1387
ETSAV, Barcelona / es Spain
3 miembros
Laura Mayer Marcen
Nathalia Paguaga
Edgar Diaz Jiménez

Tipo de proyecto:
Espacios Públicos

A panoramical view over Manhattans skyline, in relation with a natural landscape is a new experience for Central Park visitors. Locating a platform on J.K.O. Reservoir Lake, we offer a direct interaction with the park's most natural enviroment. This platform consists on a basic module, which includes muti-use pavillions and the public space surrounding. The module can be added, creating therefore a larger combination.
Due to the projects location, the platform would be autosustainable, meaning that the pavillions would benefit from the solar energy, using solar panels on the roof.
The project's section is developed in two characteristic parts, concerning the use. One, being a space related to the pavillions and the tiers, offering interstitial areas. The other, an open area where the visitors would enjoy one of the most beautiful city skylines.

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