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100 years of GRAND CANYON as national park

CaVA - 1208
Valladolid / es Spain
3 miembros
Manuel Catalina
Natalia  Álvarez Alonso
Sergio Alonso Alonso

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Experience the Grand Canyon from a unique point of view and be part of the celebration of its centenary as National Park.

The intervention offers the opportunity to discover this unrivalled setting by crossing through the gorge carved by Colorado River throughout history.
We invite the visitors to experience the Canyon through 10 alternative routes that will lead them to enjoy its true magnitude like never before. The proposal appears in the lanscape as white straight lines that connect both parts of the Canyon, making accessible the natural grandeur of the changing sections. We take hope from the resulting profiles of slicing the gorge along the river.
The main focus of the design is to create a temporary landscape intervention in the whole park; highly respectful of the environment whose shape melts into the canyon surface and highlights its characteristic morphology.
The result is a system that connects reference high points of the Canyon while creating a continuous route for visitors. The accessibility of these points makes possible to visit the entire path or just a part of it.
Slices host a huge variety of activities depending on the slope while offering singular accomodations to meet all participant needs.
Finally, this proposal is created just to be part of the centenary celebration of the Canyon National park reason so it will be removed after 2019. This will make people aware that another tourism is possible . A tourism that does not damage the environment in an irreversible way.

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100 years of GRAND CANYON as national park
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