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Enhancing the landscape potentials of Mangalia using Green Infrastructure as a tool

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Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen (HfWU) / de Germany
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Anna Ilyuchshenko

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Mangalia is a unique coastal city with a rich historical background and diverse landscape that meets a large amount of various pressures due to its uncommon development characteristics. The city is inextricably linked to seaside tourism, which has given impetus to the city development. The rapid urbanization had certain consequences that, nowadays, affect Mangalia and its natural areas on par with climate change. The purpose of this research is to address existing challenges and enhance the potentials of the area and to attempt achieving sustainable development within the Municipality of Mangalia. To accomplish the aims, several theoretical concepts and modern practices are chosen and described for further implementation in design. The Landscape Character Assessment is one of the techniques that carried out in the methodological part of work. Scenario approach, a well-known and highly used method, detects a list of driving forces influencing Mangalia, which allow to develop the resilient in long-term design strategy. The design strategy is based on the findings from previous sections. It aims to address critical issues appearing in the municipality, while enhancing potentials of Mangalia. The design strategy is developed further into the final design proposal. The masterplan represents the collection of the outcomes from every part of the research in the form of the Greenbelt and the Green Infrastructure Network. This research by design confirms value of green infrastructure, emphasizes necessity of protecting natural areas and discusses such complex concept as sustainable development.

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Enhancing the landscape potentials of Mangalia using Green Infrastructure as a tool
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