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Dwell Mumbai- A Vital Layer

IEAP - 1368
German University in Cairo / eg Egypt
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Christinee Benjamin

Project type:
Residencial Colectiva

Rapid urbanization and growing demands on limited land pose another global challenge – the loss of public open space. Along with affordable housing, open space is fundamental to a city’s social, economic, civic, and environmental success – but faces increasing threat from uncontrolled devel- opment and private interests.
Urban public space includes streets, boulevards, and sidewalks, as well as public open spaces such as parks, squares, recreational areas, natural assets, playgrounds, and other open public facilities. In Mumbai, shrinking open space is of particular concern: open space per capita is just 0.88 sqm per person, compared to New York City at 2.5, Tokyo at 6, and Delhi at 15. Part of the challenge lies in the current lack of accessibility and protection of existing open space in Mumbai; of the available 30 sq-km, only 40% is currently being used.
The aim of the project is to design for both the indigenous fishing community that has occupied the site for hundreds of years - as well as a new demo- graphic drawn to the affluent neighborhood that now encompasses the site. It should identify architectural and planning solutions that support integration between these socio-economically distinct communities.

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