Museum of the Ancient Nile

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Doors Of Perception

MoAN - 1045
Universidad de Navarra / es Spain
3 members
Alberto Martinez Lopez
Javier Alonso Piñeiro
Sofia Mendizabal Lecumberri

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The singularity of the site is recognized as a consequence of the geographical influence produced by the river, the geographical elements, and a strong and present cultural heritage. This is manifested by the human action along the river, whose settlements are based not only in terms of suitability but in religious and cultural reasons too. The chaotic array present in these settlements' outlines, as well as an architectural response which displays a firm vernacular influence, clearly define the site.

Conceptually, the proposal borns as an extension of the river and this urban array, which are understood as a landscape operation, and that act as a connection between the land and the water. The museum, which plays the role of the cultural connector, is interpreted as a part of the promenade -towards the mountain or towards the river-, providing the visitors with an experience based not only in the cultural exhibition; the museum itself holds and unveils the different visual and spatial experiences along the way.

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