Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1839
Politechnika Poznańska / pl Poland
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Judyta Szamałek

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The inportant things for the visitors of the park is relax but still we feel surrounded, cloused. That when we can be under tree ,
it will be the moments of release, liberation from a closed space. Summer pavilion is designed to do many functions. Therefore,
the possibility to put pavilions in different places and configuration it's a huge advantage. The posibility of design vertical form - towers, single elements which can be active along and horizontal bands. By setting the vertical platform we have the opportunity at different levels to create different events
(from shows by displaying a play). And thanks to the horizontal position is the ability to create teams both on land and on the
water's surface as a swiming platforms.Construction of the pavilion consists of concrete platforms supported communication routes (so that the pavilion was
available for people with disabilities)and the post construction. Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of installing
around the object curtains that collect solar energy and process sunlight them into electrical energy. Curtains are the kind of wall, they built different floors but also give you he opportunity to build the mood of the theater. They may be suspended at different heights, floors, do various forms of
arrangement and scenography. By using to build the pavilion simple forms, pure, natural installation elements fits perfectly in to natural environment.

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