Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1837
E.N.S.A. Marseille / fr France
3 members
Quentin Charial
Arash Shayegani
Maria José Miñarro Ortin

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

“ON DEMAND" is based on the fact that a standard pavillon would struggle to meet the expectations because of the diversity of events that Central Park houses during summer: theaters, art exhibitions, sport or cultural events of any size and for everyone. Central park is a blank sheet of paper where everything can happen.
What if the same project could answer to all those differents problematics?
Drawing is inspiration from the "Puffer fish"`s behaviour, "ON DEMAND” is able to change his appearance depending of the different elements of context operating on him. According to the event, the program, the density of visitors, the topography, the integration in the natural environment ... The project will be able to adapt its structure to find the form giving the best reply to the different constraints coming up. Easy to build, mount, move, cheap and elegant, “ON DEMAND” gives a smart and sustainable answer to the cultural outburst of Central Park.
Just ask! “ON DEMAND” makes your wish his command!

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