Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1765
Inje university, Republic of Korea / kr Korea, Republic of
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dongjun Kim
Inyeong Yang

In Central Park, Utopia of the city, our Pavilion offers people, tired from daily lives and stress, place to cure. This place will be not only a shelter in the nature, but also be the place with event, exhibition and music. First, it requires physical factors and sensitive understanding to the use of underground of Central Park.

Constructing the space under the Central Park is conducive to good condition, which allow people to be feel much better in the summer. It is important that the cooling system prevent heat loss through the underground space, which affects the heating and cooling into the Pavilion. Natural ventilation is also achieved through several elements. These Pavilion provide people with a shelter to take a rest.

The pavilion is composed of the inside and outside space, depending on underground and ground. There are three communicating devices. First, auditory communication is used to connect ground and underground space. The music can be listened to not only in the Pavilion but also on the lawn of Central Park. Secondly, it is a device which connects landscape from one space to another. On the Central Park, people can go a different place called Pavilion through a gate, going down to the underground. And then, people come out from the space, through the gate, different from the one where they entered first. Lastly, it is a visual device which connects underground and ground, and the inside and outside. This kind of visual device communicates, connects and transmits with Pavilion’s inside and the nature of Central Park. Therefore, at the ground park and the mirror of underground, an event happens at the same time. Consequently, this Pavilion connects space acoustically, spatially and visually.

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