Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1687
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona / cn China
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Zenan Guo
Yuan Zhou

New York is a city of eight million people. Everyday numerous sounds take place in this urban city. From street bands’ music to busy traffic’s noise, from kids’ crying to hawkers’ yelling, every single voice has its unique story. They are all components of this metropolis .

We then recorded the voice of different scenarios. We record the voices in various spots including the busy Time Square, the Museum of Modern Art, as well as the Central Park. So we have documented the real urban life style in New York.

With the sound samples we collected, we extracted their wave shapes. The outline of the Pavilion from the side is generated from hundreds of overlapped sound waves. From the other dimension, the shape of pavilion reflects exactly the urban structure of Manhattan, with modular blocks, and rectangular geometries. It is a coincidence but it has also its inevitability because the pavilion symbolizes the life track of millions of New Yorkers. THEY ARE THE CITY. THEY ARE NEW YORK.

The Pavilion will also become a land mark of the Central Park. We know that the Central Park, where the pavilion will inhabit, represents a balance between development of city and the nature. It`s about respect, restrain, a vision to future, and also a little of sense of humor. In the Central Park, people can relax themselves from daily busy work, and find their peace of mind. Central Park is the core of Manhattan, it gives the urban structure life and heart. Thus, the Pavilion’s skylight with a shape of the Central Park, is also the core of the Pavilion, and will allow people see the blue sky,and breath freely through the massive roof, just as the Central Park.

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