Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Espacios Públicos

The Great Hill in Central Park was projected by Law Olmsted and Vaux to be a unique landmark because its height would give users views of the Hudson River and the Palisades. Over the passing of time, the trees surrounding the hill have grown and blocked those views, but in return the site has gained other interesting qualities.
The pavilion intends to reintroduce the original thought out views and enhance the new qualities that the dense forest has given the site by means of an elevated walkway through the surrounding trees.
The intent is for the pavilion to be discovered, not announced. This is a fundamental point in the proposal; the new experience of walking through the tree trunks and foliage is richer if the users can immerse themselves, hidden from external stimulus. Thus, the mirror façade, the light structure and the limited entrances to the new walkway make way for this experience.
The program itself throughout the route is planned for a reduced scale. Small lookouts, benches, and at some points a narrower path intend to provide a rich experience for readers, walkers, birdwatchers, photographers etc.
The walkway winds through the bigger trees alongside most of the path (the perimeter of the Great Hill and the North Woods), at times it distancing itself from the forest, and at others gaining or decreasing height, all to experience the different attributes and views of the park.

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