Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1476
ETSAB - Barcelona / es Spain
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Arnau Pascual Carreras

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

The Central Park Summer Pavilion (CPSP) contains the sense of the theater as a place of viewing and it allows the expressive movement of the city life.

The pavilion proposal escapes the architecture object to become the common ground for the summer events in the Central Park. The City of New York demand a space that have to adapt its capacity beyond its shape. The new place involves the absorption of the activities and possibilities of a green and open space. It gives services and brings cultural events inside the park, but delaying the physical pavilion to emphasize the action.

The project brings the scenario into the park to become the stage for concerts, a theater, a catwalk, a cinema or a visual closed space for exhibitions. As a consequence of the big population of the city, the pavilion becomes a big screen for open air shows and movies. The structure made of wooden frames and big fabric canvas allow its easy and fast construction as well as its reuse inside the park and the city.

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