Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1459
Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
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Aleksandra Gojnic
Giuseppe Carosini

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Trouvaille is a pavilion true its French name, a “lucky find” within the splendor of Central Park. The design draws narrative from the history of Manhattan along with the context of the park itself. The narrative starts from Ellis Island, the historical point of arrival for immigrants looking to make the USA their new home. Drawing a line from the Island to the Trouvaille Pavilion, this narrative is carried into the design, where the entrance of the Pavilion now acts as the entry point to the millions of visitors to New York. This metaphorical journey then takes one up the pavilion along its roof, evoking the symbolism of one moving upwards and forward in life, just like the many immigrants did, finally reaching an elevated view of the park and the city.

The materiality plays closely to parts of New York's history. Ropes are used to create threshold, where these elements are symbolic of the historic shipyard and sea travel that one had to take to get to New York. The use of the rope also is a sustainable choice as well as a conceptual one. The ropes allow the pavilion to blend into its natural surroundings rooting itself deeply into the context of the park rather then trying to dominate over the beautiful landscape. The use of other sustainable elements such as wooden palettes and a green landscape wall, further aid the Trouvaille Pavilion to camouflage itself within its surroundings.
The Pavilion serves a multitude of functions such as library, exhibition space, amphitheater, out door cinema, recreational swings and a viewing point within the park.

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