Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1395
Universidad de Buenos Aires / ar Argentina
2 members
Camila Rivero
Maria Agustina Gonzalez

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Located in The Lake, an iconic spot from the more-than-iconic Central Park, the new CPSP intends to preserve its landscapes, without breaking with the classic shapes of the park, but at the same time adding a contemporary imprint, with an sculptural piece and a new aesthetic.
The location was chosen because The Lake always is surronded by people boating in summer, and it has around it lot of trees and open space, so we could work on the shore by adding program to that open space. Also, as it is closer to the Columbus Circle than the other lakes, more people may use it. In addition to this, the scale of our project fits better on a smaller Lake than the Reservoir, because in such a big space, it would not even be seen.
As for it shapes, we wanted to create something that uses the current paths of the park, and fits perfectly on it, with organic shapes and ramps that make the trail easy, fluid and likeable. It lays on the water and gives the oportunity to have it really close, since the stage is "floating" on it, and it is even intended to flood when it rains. The idea is that the building lives with nature, coexisting with it. The upper ramp gives you a pleacent path until you arrive to the terrace where you can enjoy the views. Also, for the people who use the lake for boating or ice-skying, it makes a new view of the shore.

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Un estilo elegante y actual en un entorno complicado, pero con un resultado inmejorable. Muy en la línea de los proyectos minimalistas de arquitectos como Gallardo Llopis (http://www.gallardo-llopis.com/)

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