Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP1315 - Dot · Line · Surface

CPSP - 1315
Universidad Europea de Madrid / Politecnico di Milano / es Spain
2 members
Gloria Cota
Matheus Cartocci

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

Today a stroll in Central Park means walking along paved roads and well defined paths, with determined stops, squares and monuments. Manhattan’s grid is well extended even though free-handed and picturesquely designed.

The Dot·Line·Surface project is set deep in the woods of the park where the unexpected has the tendency to take place and where nature is now stronger than the design of man. Where a clearing opens to the mass of trees, the pure line of a circle and a cloth in the wind become a new shelter of their own.

An ephemeral wave welcomes and protects those wanderers that dare to venture off the main tracks of the park. As a rewarding suprise it greets those who leave the city noises and the urban dimension to seek for an interior peace and a deeper silence.

The typical pavilion with its flooring, walls and covering is now a pure surface surrounded by light brass pins and covered with soft fabrics free to move with the wind.

Nature now acts as the majestic background for collective meditations, theatre plays, children’s games, artistic performances and exhibitions. Whatever solitary or collective activity is welcome as long as it surrenders to the immaculate beauty of nature.

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