Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Edificios Públicos

The main idea of the project is to create a relationship between the park and the pavilion trying to not interfere with the natural environment. Starting from that we define the position, choosing a place with few trees. Furthermore we decide to plant again the one that we have to eradicate next to the pavilion or in other place inside central park. Following these main principles, we defined also the shape of our structure: it will follow a contour line and will be placed in order to minimize the soil to be excavated. However, as it is possible to see from the elevations, the excavated soil will be placed behind the structure, modifying the contour lines, and creating new grassland where people can lay on and relax during the summer time. This is something very important for us: we want to create new spaces, adding and not subtracting field to the existing environment, from all these thoughts derived our idea and the shape of the pavilion. The area chosen is not too far, but also not so near to the other point of interest of central park, in order to create a new area where New York citizen and tourists can spend their time. It will increase the importance of the central park’s museums and buildings.
The pool is a crucial part of the project and denotes a big relationship between the two central aspects of the development: the Summer and the Nature. Is there anything more summery of a swimming pool? For that reason we decide to create a pool in our project, to give a strong summer denotation to all the area, as it is asked. However, we don’t want to create a normal swimming pool, we want to create something that will give again to the park what we subtract eradicating the trees, for that reason we will use the phytopurification.
The pavilion includes quite all the activities requested. There is a bar, and a zone where some meals can be cooked, especially sandwich, salads, or other “summer” food. Those two zone are separated by a little wall, in order to avoid confusion between the different functions. Of course it will be possible to find tables and chairs in this area to have a lunch. Next to the bar and the entrance there is a room perfect to be used as warehouse, something very important for the functions of the building we are projecting. Then we can find two rooms one perfect for projections, conferences, book launches, etc. They have different sizes, in order to be perfect for small or big events. The small one will be furnished with movable chairs, so it will be possible to use it as room for exhibit. These triangles will be separated one from the other form photovoltaic tile, that will illuminate the way during the night thanks to the light collected in daytime. Inside the pavilion these triangles will become tables and columns.

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