Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The Karner Blue butterfly has a unique beauty and rarity, it is a desirable piece to collectors, for this reason emerge this building in honor of its early extinction as a cultural remembrance for citizens and visitors
The architectural object is implanted in the southeast of Central Park in a wooded area, which allows the union with the environment through its materiality, mimics nature park and through their membranes wood binds with transparent solar panels, that allows visibility of the park landscape, its formality bursts into space and imposes its own natural symbol.
The Blue Karner Pavilion, fix in all seasons during the year while refers to the stages of the butterfly, it means that the metamorphosis begins in the caterpillar stage looming over the project which corresponds to a process of a hermetic adaptability through winter to provide shelter. In summer the summit in giving its first flight to spread their wings and is represented in the core modules that open to admire and installed with the environment, providing rich stage that allows sports activities, picnics and cultural events in the park this mutation cycle is repeated over time in supplying the needs.
The project is divided into five sections, the first is static to welcome access which takes place in a sector module utilities (coffe-restaurant, bathrooms and administration rooms) and the other extends a multipurpose room; in the second, third and fourth module showroom, will be located, they are available to move in a intercalated form to become into a runway; in the fifth module as a static character is unfold a theatre.

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