Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1212
Sapienza Università di Roma / it Italy
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Valentino Danilo Matteis

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

Your personal, movable, flexible, instantly-monumental pavillion.
The arch is an emblematic element in classical architecture with humble origin – used for secondary passageways in Greek architecture – , but quickly rised to grandeur. As a symbol of triumph, as a reassuring ever-present figurative element, the arch encompassed all the architectural development in history. With its enveloping, curved shape easily defines a space, a special, peculiar space; perfectly fit for the grand yet sober Central Park, The Arch becomes a moving, small stage for various events: pulbic lectures, theatre, cinemas, readings, concerts – with an appropriate monumental setting, to balance the vastity of the park and the imaginative power of one of the XXIst century’s historical centres of the world: Manhattan. Central Park becomes a garden surrounded by futuristic monuments, where a small ruins pops-up among the trees, open to new activities. The structure is made of wood to ensure lightness and eco-compatibility. Bright orange panels cover the entire structure, that can be expanded with sliding elements to enlarge the covered area in front og the stage. This sliding mechanism is made with three wheels under every panel and sliding guides. Beneath the stage, floating elements are installed, filled with foam. This allows the structure to be
placed on the lakes of Central Park, for events that need a different backdrop. Being a simple structure in wood made of connected elements it can be easily removed and dismantled, reducing the footprint and ensuring a reduced impact in the ecosystem of the Park.

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