Central Park Summer Pavilion

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ETSAV - Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Vallés / es Spain
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Joan Suñé Almenar

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Cultural Y Espectáculos


All starts in a city that never sleeps, noise is surrounding everything and it’s difficult to find a quiet place, even inside the Central Park. Our project is located in The Loch, which is situated between The Pool and the Harlem Meer. A river, waterfalls, one path and a forest between two lakes. River sounds and gives the direction, the forest gives privacy meanwhile the architecture walks with you and disapears during the course of the walk. The intervention consists of thirteen Sculptural volumes that rests above the mountainside and extends along the way. You can enter in the project using both entries which are located in opposite sides. The comunication between the volumes is articulated by a long path open to the landscape which unifies all the volumes. This volumes are partially floating on the hill.

The building is a set of volumes that seek a balance between nature and the independence of the citizens that passes in the site. The architecture is located between two levels, between two orientations. This volumes take place on the site to enhance the values of the landscape, such as the emergency of the cracks that water causes sliding down the slope, looking for transversal curses and creating a longitudinal court that links architecture and landscape.

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