Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1176
University of Thessaly / gr Greece
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Nefeli Georgantzi
Maria Mavridou
Panagiotis Tsiftsoglou

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The ANAVASIS pavilion is an attempt to introduce a new type of pavilion that is not static and but is characterized by its fluidity and ability to provoke movement and flow. The concept is based on a platform that flows on the surface of the lake and functions as an extension of the park's routes.
The design includes two main features. The first, is a central space that is elevated from the ground creating a "pilotis", which allows for an uninterrupted movement and experience on the ground level. The second, is a twisting ramp that connects the park with the pavilion as well as the various levels of the pavilion. Also, there is a second enclosed space which is placed under the ramp, right next to the water. The ramp has a slight incline to the top and not only it gives access to the pavilion but it is also a part of a route that leads to the top of the pavilion.
ANAVASIS (ανάβασις) is a Greek word that means "the ascent". The word usually describes a walk or a climb to the summit of a hill or a mountain, but in this case it refers to the movement around the ramp and to the roof of the pavilion. We would like to think of the pavilion as a small hill inside the park, as a natural element, one that adds to the experience of its visitors.
The pavilion is a sequence of open and closed spaces all of which are interconnected. The main hall offers various spaces for cultural activities and leisure. There is an auditorium that can host conferences and small shows, there are hallways for gallery exhibitions and installations, there is an exhibition hall, a children's room as well as resting and auxiliary spaces. There is also a bar-restaurant placed in the front side that offers great views to the lake. Moreover, there is an info point, a small library, a study room and a projection room all of which can be used to educate and inform people about the park's wildlife and the environment. Generally, there are many viewpoints that allow the visitors to enjoy views towards the lake and the park as well as open spaces suitable for open screenings, open fashion shows and concerts.
The main construction is made of metal and the facade as well as the pier are made of recycled wood. The vertical stripes of wood act as filter between the interior and exterior spaces. They also resemble trees and create the impression of being inside a forest.
The location of the pavilion was carefully chosen. The Reservoir, as it is widely known, covers approximately 1/8th of the whole Park. Around it there is a 2.54 km running track that serves as a barrier between the visitors and the water element. We intended to place the pavilion right on this "barrier" between the land and the water. The pavilion highlights both, it serves as a connection between them and gives people the chance to actually go near the water and observe better both the lake and the park. Considering this is a summer pavilion, the interaction between the visitors and the water element is necessary.

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