Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
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Paola Mattioli
luigi filippo santilli

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Our idea is based on the analysis of New York as an architectural complex.
Through a synthesising process, we have identified 4 ARCHETYPES that represent typical core elements of the city : BRIDGE, SKYSCRAPER, BLOCK and CHURCH.
These Totems not only identify some architectural types, but they are also iconic symbols of New York's urban fabric.
For this representative role, each of the 4 Archetypes has the ability to tell the story of its connected neighborhood: Downtown & Brooklyn , Midtown , Uptown and Harlem and Queens.
With our project we are trying to syntetize this analysis and designing some spaces that could make this idea a real life experience.
The pavillions become clusters that: directly evoke the 4 archetypes on the outside and describe the variety of uses and cultures that characterize the referenced neighborhoods in the inside.
We specifically suggest to place the Pavilions in important nodes and crossroads between the park and the rest of the City.
People visiting Central Park could find inside the pavilions multi-touching screens with a rich selection of Prints, Pictures, Movies, Books and Physical Maquettes storytelling the most memorable, fascinating and iconic places in the relative neighbourhood and use them as a starting point from which explore them.


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