Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Central park is one of the most important landmarks in new york city, therefore a summer pavillion should be integrated to the natural environment of the park, allowing people to dialogue with the park itself and not let it have just a supporting role in the whole complex. With that in mind the proposal is to make the pavillion permeable, subtly transparent but yet monumental, turning it into several frames which you could see the park and the city as pictures as you walk through. Taking the archetype of the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center with a gabled structure, it was possible to maintain a connection between the two buildings. But by slicing the building apart we can upgrade the visibility of the park and the city itself.

A summer pavillion should be in a place where people usually go in the hot weather and where it can host the events that happen at that time of the year. Thinking of that the pavillion was placed on Harlem Meer, turning this lake into an event itself, where people could go enjoy the lake atmosphere and to participate in traditional events like Central Park Film Festival, Summer Jazz Festival and Harlem Meer Performance Festival, that could easily take place in the new building, as well as new activities like fishing, art exhibitions, seminars, concerts, fashion shows. Is also near Lasker Rink, where people usually go to refresh and relax.

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