Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP - 1126
Politecnico of Milan / it Italy
4 members
Sara Marzi
Francesca Figini
Giulia Canavotto
silvia palamini

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

DISCOVER THE PARK is a new sustainable way of living Central Park. It is based on the idea of regarding Central Park as a plant cell. Like the different components of the plant cell that cooperate for its life, in Central Park all the elements contribute to make the park active and dynamic. DISCOVER THE PARK will be to Central Park what chloroplasts are to plant cell: placed in three strategic locations, they will capture the energy from the sunlight and convert it to vital energy for the park.

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Great space! You need to follow the instructions in this article how to screenshot on mac. Using Press PrtScn, Take A Screenshot With Snipping Tool, Game Bar…

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