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The Central Platform

The Central Platform is a multifunctional pavilion floating on the East side of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. It is designed to invite the public with various types of event spaces, an open air stage, indoor exhibition hall, and a recreation space with row boats. Positioned at the heart of the Central Park close to many of New York’s most important cultured institutions, the Central Platform celebrates the city with panoramic views of skyscrapers juxtaposed the greenery against of the park.

The bridge to the pavilion takes place between 5th Ave and 90th st where major cultural institutions, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Neue Galerie, the Guggenheim Museum, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and the Jewish Museum, are located. It invites people, both day and night, for romantic interludes, relaxation, outdoor performance and social events.

The open air stage is designed to allow different types of events. The stage faces South following the Manhattan grid in order to allow spectators to perceive not only the performance or screenings from the stage, but also the beautiful cityscape and its reflection on the water. In addition, longitudinal path facing the view is created for a runway with a grand open space heightening the experience of the spectator. The exhibition space is established around the stage in a loop to allow panoramic views and easy circulation. Lastly, Rowing boats are placed around the pavilion saturating the space in the upper east side of the reservoir.

The Central Platform is made from wood in order to enhance the harmonization with the natural surroundings and the continuity of the poetic garden with the warm and comforting mood that wood provides. It is also chosen for its ability to be recycled once the pavilion is no longer in use.

Considering both outdoor and indoor activities, the Central Platform expects countless visitors which will result from not only people visiting the cultural institutions on 5th Ave, but also from the uniqueness of the pavilion itself.

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