Central Park Summer Pavilion

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CPSP1001 The wall park

CPSP - 1001
Universidad de Alcalá / es Spain
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Jorge Martín Esteso

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The wall park project wants to activate the use of the main meadows in central park, as main objective. We focus on the idea of the trees wall that isolates the person from the city. In order to achieve that, we generate a wall that contains the program inside it. Furthemore, there are some equipments boxes that organise the program. It depends on the situation between them. This boxes divide the program and contain indoor program. They ´re flexible, they can move depending on the leisure programmed uses necesities.
All the materials are in the storage rooms insde the boxes. The whole construction is sustainable. The wood is the main material, builted with dry joints. All materials can be used without generating waste. There are white textile enclosures. The top of the wall is made with sensor materials so it capt dolar energy during the day and this energy is used until the night.
In order to conect the meadows, there are phenomenologycal ways that emphasis the summer senses.

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