Fernando Marquez Cecilia

Fernando Marquez Cecilia

Chief editor of El Croquis architecture magazine


Born in Madrid in 1957.

Bachelor of Architecture and Urban planning at the School of Architecture of Madrid in 1980.

In 1982 founded with Richard Levene El Croquis architecture and publishing office. Since then has been chief editor at El Croquis architecture magazine and the Biblioteca de Arquitectura, a collection of theory books and essays.

They inaugurated in 1999 the El Croquis Architecture Gallery , in El Escorial, as an exhibition place of the most significant projects under construction in Spain, exemplified in their models.

He published in 1990, with Richard Levene and Antonio R. Barbarin, the book Contemporary Spanish Architecture 1975 / 1990.

Professor of Department of Projects of the School of Architecture and Art of the European University of Madrid, was responsible, from 2000 to 2010, of teaching the subject "History of Architecture and Art of XX Century."

He has been invited to participate, over the years, in several courses, seminars and architectural juries.

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