Felix Arranz

Felix Arranz

Director of the Architecture School of Zaragoza San Jorge University and SCALAE Editor


Architect ETSAB UPC Barcelona, owner operates through teams and associations with other architects: Apartment in Zaragoza (Elena Salas, 1990), Plaza de las Eras in Zaragoza (with Sirius Sierra, 1990), Depot tram in A Coruña (with JMaría Valero, 1995), Institute for Secondary Education in Belchite (with Rafael Navarro and Ignacio Pamplona, 1996), Zaragoza-Delicias Intermodal Station (with Carlos Ferrater, Valero and Elena JMaría Mateu, 2000, award FAD architecture 2004), City Environment Soria, Patxi Mangado (AE-Expansion Award for best urban project in Castilla y Leon, winner of the Basque-Navarra Group Architects Planners 2007).

Has taken on responsibilities in the professional organization (Dean of the College of Architects of Aragon), organizing cultural events (Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism of Zaragoza) and academic events (Director of Projects of the UIC and Deputy ESARQ graduation). WAM prompted publications, Web Architecture Magazine, and iAZone, network and Internet Relay Centre Network Architecture.

SCALAE Editor, a collection of papers documents of architecture (sheets and internet radio) and editorial agency documentation on architecture. Editorial Advisory Panel advised the Executive Via Encontros Internacionais de Arquitectura de Santiago de Compostela. Promoter and Commissioner from 2006 to 2007 the program for very young architects 'arch / next' of the Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. Commissioner of the International Symposium "per a la Música Architectures" In the centenary of the Palau de la Música in Barcelona. Architecture Foundation Patron of the Society and director of the "Campus Ultzama" in their national and international issues. Director of the School of Architecture of Zaragoza, Universidad San Jorge ETSAZ USJ.