Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España
Partner of Arquideas


"The collaboration with Arquideas has been a very satisfying experience." 


Cvne has been caring for its vineyards for over 125 years. Over 125 years of respect for the winemaking tradition, hard work, research, innovation in production processes, pursuit of the highest quality, experimentation, and recognition. Over 125 years is a very long time.

Today, Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España is run by the fifth generation of the family of winemakers who founded the company in 1879. Maybe that is why the passion for making these wines live up to the ideals of the founders two centuries ago continues to grow.

“The collaboration with Arquideas has been a very satisfying experience. The world of architecture is very important for CVNE. The wine elaboration needs a home.

In this project we have learned and noticed how architecture students display a winery. It is very interesting because their minds are of someone who is not in the wine industry. It is nice to see what other people think about us and open your eyes to it.

The collaboration experience has been a privilege for CVNE. The bearing with arquideas has been excellent and we believe they are doing   a great job, helping and supporting students who are the next generation and who we should support.”

                               Maria Urrutia Ybarra,
Board Member and Marketing Director of Bodegas Cvne

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