Borja Ferrater

Borja Ferrater

Project professor at EsArq UIC and partner of Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB)


Between 1995 and 1999 he studied biology at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA, USA) and University of Navarra.

BS in Architecture in 2005 from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. During his studies visited the School of Architecture SCIARC (Los Angeles, CA) and Attending the Alvar Aalto Symposium 2000 in Helsinki and the symposium "days of Oris" in Zagreb, Croatia in 2002.

In 2006 he was coordinator of the 4th year assistant professor of projects 7/8 on the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, and is also visiting professor at the project workshop "Emotional City" directed by British architects Sergison & Bates (Sept. 2006) . Gets the title of Master in Architecture Biodigital in January 2010.

He is assistant director of culture, literature and international relations ESARQ (School of Architecture) at UIC. He also teaches project of third year and vertical workshop and he directs the annual cycle of conferences at the school.

He is the author of the book "Sync Geometry" published by ACTAR, of which there have been several exhibitions: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao and at Bezalel School of Arts and Architecture, Jerusalem , Israel, in the College of Architects of Catalonia and the College of Architects of Madrid.

Member and founding partner in January 2006 OAB (Office of Architecture in Barcelona) with Xavier Martí, Lucia and Carlos Ferrater.

He received the 1st Prize FAD 2007 in the category "ephemeral architecture" with Carlos Ferrater by the Exhibition in Madrid: "MC Escher's art of the impossible." He is the author along with Carlos and Lucia Ferrater Rock Building Gallery Barcelona so far has been awarded the Wallpaper Design Awards 2010, has been a finalist for the awards and selected LAMP FAD Awards 2009 in the category of interior design. Author of several projects in the study of OAB among them: A residential and hotel in Turkey, receiving flag in the Atapuerca archaeological site, the project for the stadium of Football Club Barcelona and a private residence in 3500 m2 New Delhi, India.

He is promoter and representative of the group of young architects "on Bcn you?" Has directed, along with Jorge Vidal committee of young architects for Pla Estratègic Barcelona Metropolitan is a member of the official school Assamblea architects of Catalonia.

He is currently developing his doctoral thesis: "Application of complex geometric systems in architectural practice."

He has lectured, participated in panel discussions and has been jury awards in different cities: Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Boston, Columbus (Ohio), Jerusalem, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Hanover, Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool, Sardinia, Bilbao , Granada, Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

He has lectured, participated in panel discussions and has been jury prize:

- Conference in New York (Carlos Ferrater Partnership, Columbia University). January 2006
- Conference in Stockholm (National Concrete Award, Sweden) in May 2006
- Round Table Conference in Hanover (Symposium on Landscape and Architecture). June 2006
- Conference and Expo in Chicago (Synchronizing Geometry, Illinois Institute of Technology)
- Conference in Barcelona (Master of History and Architecture conducted by JM Montaner, ETSAB)
- Conference in Madrid (Universidad Europea de Madrid)
- Conference and exhibition in Jerusalem (Academy of Arts and Architecture at Bezalel, Israel)
- Conference in Barcelona (Master Project Design taught by Prof. J. Muntanyola, ETSAB.)
- Panel discussion and exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao
- Conference in Manchester (International Festival of Art in Manchester and the RIBA) in June 2007
- Lecturer and member of the jury for the awards ceremony in Columbus, Ohio, September 7. 2007
- Lecture at Harvard University, Boston (September 15. 2007)
- Conference in the context of Tokyo's Design Week. Tokyo, November 2007
- Synchronizing Conference geometry. Welsh School of Architecture. SAWS. Cardiff, UK, May 22, 2008
- Conference. Festival Internazionale Archittectura in Sardegna. (Italy) FESTARCH, May 30, 2008
- Round Table Rock. Space and Shape. Designing the future. Participants: Andres Jaque, José Luis Vallejo, Borja Ferrater, Fabrizio Barozzi, Peter Romera, Manuel Pascual and Felix Arranz. Barcelona, 25 Nov. 2008. - Juarez of ceramic catdra Awards 2009, Barcelona
- Invited by the University of Alghero, Sardinia, April 2009
- Panel discussion during the Innovation Festival, invited by BCD (Barcelona Design Centre), November 2009
- Roundtable at the CUBE SESSIONS, invited by NISSAN, February 8, 2010. Barcelona
- ETSAZ Conference at the University of San Jorge, Zaragoza in February 2010
- Lecture at Pratt Institue, School of Archtiecture. New York., U.S. March 29, 2010
- Campus Architect inivato Ultzama, Navarra, Architecture and Society Foundation. 23, 24 and 25 June 2010