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Conserving Memories: Creating An Urban Respite, at C.R.B. , Chittagong

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Premier University, Chittagong / bd Bangladesh
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Apurba  Paul

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Conserving Memories: Creating An Urban Respite at C.R.B. , Chittagong.
C.R.B. stands for Chittagong Railway Building (were known as East Bengal Railway E.B.R.), from where controls railway activity of Eastern zone of Bangladesh. Geologically this hilly space situated in the heart of Chittagong city which is surrounded by highly dense civic area. Strategically it's an open public space. That's why this space culturally most vibrant space with abundant of green (95% are wood providing plants). So it's only the last hope for city to hold the green, heritage and cultural life.
Like now, from the very beginning of railway, railway authorities always provide platform for developing cultural activities in a traditional form as well as a meeting space of different income people. To reflect the same pattern, the area visualize as an image of an active space where people will come from different places to celebrate occasions or festivals and to play different activities throughout the whole year. Projected space will hold the memories of our culture, heritage and nature. This way people will learn about culture. To motivate as well as aware about environment, some provisions has taken like by giving a walking experience through nature (elevated and ground walkways) where different types of plants will make peaceful environment to walk. Birds will feed by food providing plants and then seeds will spread by them (By using common characteristics of birds) in whole city. After 30-40 years the city will turn into green city and rising temperature will be minimized in a certain level. Keeping the traditions, heritage, memories in the heart of city space, city and civic people can hope to have regain its natural glory and rich culture by holding the hand of C.R.B.

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