Spring Hotels Design Challenge

Spring Hotels Design Challenge

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Tenerife is an island of the Atlantic Ocean which belongs to the Canary Islands archipelago. With a land area of 2,035 square kilometres and 894,700 inhabitants, it is the largest island in the archipelago and the most populated island in Spain.

It is characterized by its diversity, climate and authenticity. An island with an unique charm that has served for many years as a quality tourist spot for many national and international visitors.

Many hotel corporations have shown their interest in setting their establishments and providing tourists with attractive stays on the island.

Given this context, Spring Hotels Group has recently acquired a plot of 62,000 square meters for building a new hotel of 525 rooms, in one of the main areas in expansion of Arona, tourist municipality south of Tenerife, where the other three hotels of the chain are located.

The future project will concentrate building on the north and east side of the plot in order to have the maximum free space possible for developing the proposals of this Spring Hotels Design Challenge.

The objective of the present competition for students of architecture and young architects, Spring Hotels Design Challenge, consists in proposing a unique and spectacular landscape that must make of the hotel’s outdoor areas an iconic space that, thanks to the quality of the design, its uniqueness and the experiences that it will propose, becomes the main actor in attracting and awaking the desire of future customers.

An attractive leisure space containing different activities that provide clients with a unique experience in the tourist business. A place of reference in the current tourist scene.

The challenge is to emphasise the magnitude of the plot and transform this big outdoor area into the element that makes the hotel a unique place of reference in the Canary Islands.

The following prizes will be awarded to the proposals that best meet the purpose of the competition:

1st Prize
2,000 euro + a two-day stay at one of the chain’s hotels.

2nd Prize
1,000 euro + a two-day stay at one of the chain’s hotels.

3st Prize
500 euro + a two-day stay at one of the chain’s hotels.


Arquideas will sent a supporting document of the prize to those proposals that have obtained one of the aforementioned prizes.


The participation in the Spring Hotels Design Challenge is free.

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Open07 September, 2018
   Registration period07 September, 2018 - 08 October, 2018
   Submission deadline08 October, 2018
Jury Deliberations09 October, 2018 - 31 October, 2018
Jury Decision01 November, 2018
Results Announced01 November, 2018

If you have any questions regarding the contest you can not find in the Terms and Conditions of the competition or in these FAQs, we are here to help you at competitions@arquideas.net


1- Who is this competition for?
This competition is intended for architecture students and young architects.

2- Who can participate in the Spring Hotels Design Challenge architecture competition?
This competition is an international contest. In this competition can participate students or graduate degree students and recent graduates, this is, those who have graduated within the 5 last years before the year of the competition launching, in this case, in 2013 or later.

3- Is it possible to participate in a team?
Yes, you can participate individually or form teams of 2-4 participants.

4- How do I form a team?
When formalizing the registration, the team leader sends invitations to other members. After accepting the invitation, the team and the collaborative area will be created. 

5- Is it necessary to visit the site for the development of the SHDC?
It is not necessary. All documentation required for the development of the ideas competition can be downloaded from the website.

6- Do you have to consider some form of regulation when developing the project of the SHDC?
No, as it is an ideas competition, is not necessary to consider regulations that are not included in the Terms and Conditions.

7- Does the ID provided at the time of registration match the number of participants?
No, the ID provided in the registration process does not match the number of entries in the contest. It's an identification code for each competitor to preserve anonymity.

8- Is it necessary to pay any registration fee to take part in the competition?
No, the Spring Hotel Design Challenge is a free competition.

9- Once I have registered, how I can find my ID?
At any time you can see the information and manage the participation process in a competition by logging to "My Competitions" from the user profile.

10- Can you provide more information on the project panel than the information described in the Terms and Conditions?
Yes, always accompanying the information required in the Terms and Conditions and to help explain the project better.

11- Can you provide additional information to the panel of the contest?
No, the Jury will consider only the information presented in the panel.

12- Is any further documentation provided once I register in the competition?
No, all information on the competition can be downloaded without being registered and is considered as necessary and sufficient to make a proposal for an ideas competition. If in the course the competition more information is added, this one can be downloaded from the "downloads" section of the competition page and will be notified through the competition wall.


The FAQs will be updated with the questions of the participants.

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