IE Spaces for Creativity

IE Spaces for Creativity

Understanding the impact of the built environment on behavior
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The project is designed thinking in the future for a Nursery school for 15 children ages 3 to 6 years old and for development of children’s creativity and skills, through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things.
The current system was designed and conceived for a different age 18th or 19th century, so we have the urge of redefine education, by implementing innovative design changes, enhancing functionality, productivity and sustainable solutions, where a child can develop divergent thinking and teachers as a mentors stimulate and enhance them.

Third prize


Creativity is closely linked to the “divergent thinking”, the ability to produce a series of alternative solutions for a problem to be solved. It contrasts with the “convergent thinking” and “linear thinking” which lead the subject to develop a single solution as it happens in any school. Not being able to drastically change educational system, I tried to insert this idea into the concept.

Starting from a fulcrum (which represents the problem to be solved), making all the functions (that represent the solutions) gravitate around, I got the first part of the design narration.

There is much discussion about the role of technology in our future, and it is, without any doubt an important driver.

However, our very human aspects: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Emotional Intelligence, Judgement and Cognitive Flexibility are some of the most important skills that will be required in all future jobs, according to World Economic Forum.

Anyone who currently holds a bachelor or master de degree (or will complete one by September 2020) in architecture, design or a related field or have a bachelor or master degree in another field along with a keen interest in design may apply.

This competition is for individual participants only. Teams and groups are not eligible.

Any person with links to the organizers - personal, professional, or otherwise - will not be eligible to participate in the competition.

The winner must also meet the IE School of Architecture and Design admissions criteria. Winners must register for and attend the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces, and pay the respective tuition fee.

IE School of Architecture and Design

IE School of Architecture and Design is one of the leading schools in Europe and expands the boundaries of traditional architectural and design education. Therefore, by establishing this award, Spaces for Creativity, which brings together knowledge from many fields, including business, technology and management, along with critical thinking and creative approaches, we seek to empower students to prepare themselves for a changing world. IE welcomes students who seek challenges and aspire to become leaders in the dynamic and evolving world of architecture and design.

IE master in Strategic Design of Spaces

The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces was created to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to approach challenges emerging in the world of interior space design. This program focuses on work, retail, hospitality, and learning environments—the four main types of spaces where change is occurring, and those with the greatest potential for innovation. Students will gain first-hand experience by working alongside leaders in the field, visiting top studios, and attending an IE Architecture and Design special lectures.

The purpose of the IE Spaces for Creativity is to design a nursery that boosts creativity.

Develop a proposal that focuses on encouraging a child’s creativity, uniqueness and personality. Create a sense of place that fosters belonging, fun, and responsiveness to all the stakeholders.

The Nursery School should be for 15 children ages 3 to 6 years old. All other parameters you may define yourself. Your entry should reflect the purpose of the center and how it will positively impact children’s education.

Your graphic presentation, using whatever types of expression you wish, should clearly reflect your goals and how your approach/design will achieve them. This is an ideas competition that seeks to reward talent, creativity, and the promise of the participants. This is not a traditional design competition.

One First Prize

Automatic admission to IE’s Master in Strategic Design of Spaces program for the 2020 - 2021 academic year + Scholarship worth €11,500 towards the program tuition fees.

Two Second Prizes

Automatic admission to IE’s Master in Strategic Design of Spaces program for the 2020-2021 academic year + Scholarship worth €7,000 towards the program tuition fees.

Five Honourable Mentions

Diploma + free application fees for the IE master program of their choice.

There is no registration fee for the IE Spaces for Creativity.

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